Railway Hotel

Project Scope

When Yeppoon’s Railway Hotel needed a fresh start, Caughley & Co were ready for the challenge.

At the heart of the transformation was the addition of an extended bistro, gaming room and bar to breathe fresh life into the venue. We modernized the interiors with new floor and wall finishes, sleek fittings, new mechanical services and enhanced bathroom facilities, ensuring patrons would find both comfort and modern conveniences.

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But it wasn’t just about aesthetics – the logistics for the Railway’s transformation were crucial. To allow the pub to continue serving its loyal clientele, even as parts of it transformed, we managed the entire renovation in stages on a tight timeline. The efficiency of our team was particularly evident as we completed the gaming room extension in an impressive twelve days.

Behind the scenes, practical improvements were made too. A new cold room was added, and spaces were optimized for bar staff to enable smoother daily operations.

The renewed Railway Hotel is a testament to our commitment to practical solutions, timely delivery, and working with our clients towards a project that met their vision – turning a much-loved pub into a lively and refreshed community hub.

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