Coomera Lodge Hotel

Project Scope

The Coomera Lodge Hotel project, like many smaller projects, presented us with its own unique challenges. Tasked initially with the installation of a new cold room, our team quickly and carefully navigated the construction of a new retaining wall and power connectivity whilst respecting the requirements of a designated tree protection zone.


Our commitment to surpassing client expectations meant the journey didn’t stop at just the cold room addition. Responding quickly to our client’s additional requirements during the works, our scope was expanded to work with AVC to accommodate the addition of a state-of-the-art motion-sensor and lighting system that ensured the hotel’s grounds remained both welcoming and secure.

Despite its initial modesty, the Coomera Lodge Hotel project stands as a testament to Caughley & Co’s dedication to adaptability, and our ability to understand and deliver on our clients’ evolving requirements throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Project Timeframe
0 Weeks
Total Project Cost
$ 0

“Michael Caughley, who now works at Caughley and Co. just went over and above as well. He was always pointing out how things could be improved, and he never went home until the job was done. He did exceptionally well.”

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